After getting in contact on the phone, as a general rule I offer a first consultation without any obligations attached, so that we can get to know each other. This meeting also serves to review and concretize your request and to come to an agreement about a possible contract for therapy or consultancy. If it should come to such an agreement, we will discuss the further approach together. Nothing happens against your will.

In the planning of the scope of treatment, official guidelines for therapy serve as an orientation. For depth psychology, these generally recommend 25 to 60 sessions, 50 minutes each, in a weekly cycle. But since I am not bound by the Ambulatory Health Care regulations, we do have scope to adjust duration and frequency according to your individual needs.


Privacy and confidentiality agreement

Anything we discuss is subject to professional secrecy for the protection of your privacy within the framework of existing legislation. Without your explicit written consent I will not under any circumstances pass any information on to other people or institutions. I work independently from the statutory health insurances and therefore don’t have to comply to their reglementations of psychotherapy. This gives me the freedom to align my offer with the individual needs of my clients. The fact that no data such as diagnosis will be handed over to their insurance company is another advantage for self-paying clients.